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Panel Solar Flexible 6V, 1W

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This flexible easy-to-use solar panel is a great addition to your next solar powered project. This solar cell provides approximately 6V DC in direct sunlight at up to 1W (approximately 160 mA). Multiple units can be chained in series and/or parallel to increase voltage and current.

The film cells are bonded between two plastic sheets that will protect it outdoors and there are easy-to-solder connections on the back. You can use epoxy to waterproof the back contacts.

** In this photo, the positive contact is on the bottom left, and the negative contact is on the top left


Si quieres utilizarlo para cargar una Bateria y alimentar al mismo tiempo tu Arduino o algun otro circuito, usa este panel solar + nuestro cargador "Optimized Solar Lithium Ion/Polymer Charger".


  • Power Output: ~6V @ 1W (~160 mA)
  • Output Type: DC Voltage
  • Dimensions: 100mm / 3.94" x 198.43mm / 7.81" x 0.77mm / 0.03"
  • Operating temp range: +32 to +158°F (0 to +70°C)
  • Weight: 27.93g

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