Tarjeta de Desarrollo PIC Mikroe PIC Clicker

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PIC clicker is an amazingly compact starter development kit which brings innovative mikroBUS™ host socket to your favorite microcontroller. Board features all you need to get started: PIC18F47J53 microcontroller, USB connector, two LEDs and push buttons, reset button, mikroProg connector and headers for interfacing with external electronics.

Hundreds of possibilities with click boards. With mikroBUS™ socket, you can take advantage of the huge potential of click™ boards, the constantly expanding range of over 200 add-on boards.

Programming. To make your prototyping experience as convenient as possible, PIC clicker is preprogrammed with a USB HID bootloader. Just download our mikroBootloader application and you’re ready to upload your firmware. On-board mikroProg for PIC, dsPIC and PIC32 connector enables programming through external programmer/debugger. 

NOTE: If programming with mikroProg for PIC, dsPIC, PIC32, make sure to use mikroProg Suite for PIC 2.29 and above.


Esta placa viene cargada con el "USB HID bootloader", por lo cual no necesita de un programador externo para cargarle el código al PIC, esta lista para usarse, conecta la placa por USB a tu PC y cargarle el código con el software de Mikroe (no es forzoso o necesario escribir el código en el compilador de Mikroe para cargar el programa, puede escribirse con otro compilador y cargarle el archivo .hex con el Bootloader de Mikroe).

* Esta placa no incluye ninguna Click Board de expansión, las cuales se venden por separado, podemos conseguir cualquiera que necesites, aqui puedes verlas.




    Manual de usuario.
    Programas de ejemplo.
    PIC Clicker USB HID Bootloader.
    mikroProg Suite for PIC, dsPIC, PIC32 v251.

  • Applications: This compact board brings flexibility of click add-on boards to your favorite microcontroller, making it a perfect starter kit for implementing your ideas.
  • Architecture: PIC (8-bit).
  • MCU: PIC18F47J53.
  • MCU speed: 12MIPS, 48MHz.
  • MCU Memory: 128KB of Flash, 3,800 bytes of RAM.
  • On-board modules: 1 x USB MINI-B connector, 2 x LEDs, 2 x push buttons, 1 x reset button.
  • Programming: Preprogrammed with USB HID bootloader. Also features mikroProg for PIC, dsPIC and PIC32 connector.
  • Expandability: mikroBUS socket.
  • Input Voltage: 5V (via USB).

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