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PLC Arduino – PLDuino ATMEGA2560 + Wifi + LCD Touch

PLC basado en un Arduino MEGA2560, compatible al 100% con el entorno de programación del Arduino IDE. PLC de bajo costo pero con hardware potente, con un enclosure y acabado muy profesional y lo mejor de todo con un lenguaje de programación Arduino, esto lo hace extremadamente flexible y potente al momento de realizar proyectos de automatización, pues no hay que volverse loco con el clásico lenguaje tedioso de Escalera de los PLC convencionales.

Incluye display LCD TFT Touch para realizar interfaces amigables con el usuario, ademas de conexión Wifi con antena de potencia para larga distancia. Tanto el display como el modulo Wifi con compatibles con las librerías de Adafruit, las cuales podrás checar mas adelante en la información técnica.


Need an easy-to-use but powerful control solution for more industrial-type projects? Get the controller that does exactly what you want in a sturdy, contained package.

Combine Arduino simplicity, ESP8266 WiFi connectivity, and Digital Logger’s experience and reliability to customize your own PLC for controlling industrial and robotics projects. Digital Loggers PLDuino is a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) that is based on the ATmega2560 (same chip as an Arduino Mega) and also contains an ESP8266 as well as a 2.4″ color TFT touchscreen! If you need to control equipment or robotics, the PLDuino could get you started fast, its great for making and hacking!

All inputs and outputs are protected – that’s what we call some PLC TLC! Get more functionality from this complete, heavy-duty PLC, and eliminate complexity without the hassle of stacks of boards, wires and components.

A simple USB cable connects to your Arduino, so you can load your first program in mere minutes. Or, if you prefer Lua, GNU GCC, or AVR Studio – they’re all supported too! Arduino demo code and libraries are free to download – most users are able to find all the functions they need on Github.

The color LCD touchscreen and speaker add an useful human interface, and a separate WiFi chip takes the workload off the main ATmega2560 processor. The I/O is robust and well protected, and you can rest assured – the board is easy to service and modify.

Most PLC users never pop the cover, but if you’d like to explore the innards, go ahead and customize it. The Digital Loggers crew provides you with full schematics and component specs in a packet included with each PLC.

Applications include industrial control, home automation, robotics and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition). What will you build?



  * USB programming with Arduino software.
  * WiFi with external long range antenna.
  * Color LCD touch screen and speaker.
  * 6 fused DPST power output relay ( 6A – 8A ).
  * 8 protected digital outputs with 500mA open collector drivers (with 4 PWM output).
  * 8 protected & isolated digital inputs 3-24V AC/DC.
  * 8 protected 10-bit ADC inputs.
  * Clock calendar & battery for scheduling (RTC).
  * RS-232 for long distance wired comm.
  * Micro SD card slot for extra storage.
  * DIN rail or panel mount.
  * Full Arduino compatibility.

Forget memory constraints. WiFi ESP8266 operation and web services are off-loaded to a separate co-processor with 128Mb FLASH. You can run NodeMCU, Arduino, BASIC, or Lua on the WiFi chip, the PLC ships with demo code installed.

An SD slot is included. A separate, socketed EEPROM with high-write endurance is a great place to store rapidly changing data. It can be replaced with FRAM or other I2C components.

RS-232 is handy for long distance wired communication, controlling external devices, or linking multiple PLCs.

Switching power supply operates efficiently from any 12-24VDC input. Separate low-noise regulators operate under software control to improve reliability, reduce power consumption and ensure reliable startup and restart.

Snap directly to DIN rail or bolt securely via mounting ears.

Supported Languages (ESP 8266 WiFi Controller):  “NodeMCU, BASIC, Arduino, Lua”.

Supported Languages (Atmega 2560 Controller): “Arduino, AVR Studio, GNU C/C++”.



  * PLC Arduino.
  * Antena dipolo Wifi de larga distancia.
  * Memoria micro SD 4GB.
  * Bateria de litio 3V para RTC.
  * Guia y manual impreso.



    Guia rapida, demo (altamente recomendable leerlo primero).
    Hoja de especificaciones.
    Descripción detallada y tutorial del hardware.
    Esquematicos detallados del hardware.


  • Product Dimensions: 180.0mm x 100.0mm x 50.0mm / 7.1″ x 3.9″ x 2.0″
  • Product Weight: 452.5g / 16.0oz